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      Hi My Name is Dionys...


     But you may call me Dee. Dny is an abbreviation for Dionys. So here is an abbreviated version of who I am. I started surfing ocean waves at the onset of the millennium. This led to a love of nature & culture exploration which inspired me to travel extensively within a 5 year period. During this time I was devoted to developing my technical and artistic abilities related to photography and video production.


I was born in marvelous California to Cuban parents, but grew up in South Florida. I have been a prolific writer since youth of various formats including poetry and journals. I was a drama major in college, however I became an ordained minister for a street outreach organization. I then worked for a publisher as the account manager for 10 years. The principles of diligence and faithful customer service which I implemented as a manager are the foundations for DNY Revelations.




          The definition of my name (Dionysus) essentially means "Incredible Creative Energy" which is reflected in all that I do. So what is all that I do? To put it concisely, I endeavor to capture the essence of  every event I am commissioned to with my carefully selected photographic equipment. On the scene I am known to be athletically agile and stealth. I readily observe optimal camera angles and settings to capture key moments in the making. Then after a brief time in the Dny Studio comes The Revelation:

A accurate and artistic presentation that will be cherished for generations to come.


Now let's get to some of the details of the services we offer.


Video Productions: Location Scout, Script Writing or Assistance, On Location Direction, Voice Over and Narration, Animated Intros and Logos, Custom Text Overlays, Custom Sound Tracks or Jingles, Highlight or Recap Videos and Various Editing Techniques.

We are ready to produce all content up to 4k Resolution at 100 mbps.


Photography: High Quality Prints and Books, Art Reproductions (Gicle'e), Custom Slide-Shows, High Resolution Scans into Digital Media and Portraits & Head Shots


Applications of our services include:


Social Events like Parties & Ceremonies

Corporate Functions like Conferences & Business Promos

Artistic Expressions like Performances & Demonstrations

Technical Fields like Medical & Forensics


         Since Incorporating in 2013, I have been working with

an excellent team of professionals for a wide diversity of projects.

These professionals include  Photographers, Videographers, DJ's,

Entertainers and Event Planners.


We Look Forward to Servicing Your Multimedia Wishes With Joy, Excitement and Thrill.






         We endeavor to convey the sense to our clients that our services and products exceed that of the financial investment made. We use a potent combination of high end hardware and software: cameras, lenses, specialized computers and sophisticated programs. Yet there is no replacement for artistic and technical expertise which comes from both diligent study and on the job experience. Here is a brief overview or our multimedia services' rates.


    Hourly Rates: (Post Production Included)


  • Photography for Events' starting at $125


 • Video Services for Events' starting at $150


       We do not box in our clients, therefore we do not have "packages". Every client and event is unique so we cater to your specific needs and wishes accordingly. The pricing for our services will be based on key factors. We inquire concerning location type, guest count, hours of coverage and special requests for starters. Head over to the Connect page for a quote, but I advise that you first see What our Clients Are Saying >




    Here are a few comments I have received from clients. I have been privileged to be a part of very special events both small and large, and all feedback is meaningful to me. References are available upon request.


     DNY Revelations provides Highly Professional Service.

They maintain a continuous focus on capturing the most intimate moments throughout each phase of your event.

The level of attention to detail and artistic influence

demonstrated in the videos produced by DNY is unmatched based on our review of the industry in South Florida.

DNY was incredibly accommodating during all phases of our project.

They show dedication to produce multimedia unlike any other.  

Patrick & Jacquelyn Gerace / Groom & Bride


 Ohhhh Wow!!!! Love it!! Amazing!!  So Much Excitement!!!

It left me hungry ....Good Very Good!!

• Olga Saretsky / Kikimora Studio


You are amazing at what you do. I love the video it gave me goosebumps.

Your dedication and passion for what you do shows in various ways through your lens.

• Jennifer Fortun / J & M Creations – Event Planner


You guys did a fabulous job!! We were so pleased with your assistance and attention to detail.

Thanks for making it a Smooth and Fun process.

• Valeria Sequeira / Bride


Amazing pictures!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with all of them.

You made us all feel so comfortable taking pictures especially me the bride!

I will definitely recommend you!!!

• Aja White / Bride